What to do On Site

Presenters may use the Speaker Ready Room to make changes to presentations or prepare for their presentation.

Report directly to your scientific session meeting room 20 minutes prior to the start of the session. The computers will be pre-loaded with the presentations scheduled to take place in that specific meeting room.

Before starting your presentation

  • Check the session computer to make sure your presentation was properly uploaded.
  • If the moderator does not show up, the first presenter on the agenda should introduce himself/herself and begin the session.
  • The default computer screen on the scientific session computer will provide instructions on how to begin the PowerPoint presentation and audio recording.

Start your presentation

  • There are several important messages found on the default computer screen:
    (a) Opening your presentation: Locate your name and the title of your presentation, and click on it to select it.
    (b) Disclosure Statement: Read aloud the disclosure statement provided regarding financial conflicts of interest or sources of financial support. This statement is a requirement for ACCME accreditation purposes.
  • Use of the microphone: Speak into the microphones and repeat questions from the audience prior to responding to questions.
  • Use the mouse to point the cursor to particular areas of your slide (all cursor movements will be recorded along with your presentation).
  • Keep to your allotted time! Be mindful of fellow presenters.

Exit the recording

Upon the completion of a presentation and the question and answer session, close the PowerPoint application to stop the PowerPoint and audio recording. In order to record questions and answers, it is important that you do not exit your PowerPoint presentation until the Q & A has ended and you are ready for the next speaker to begin.

Restarting the recording

If you accidentally close PowerPoint during the presentation, click on the “resume” button to return to your slide presentation.

Health and safety reminder

  • All presenters must wear face masks when not speaking.