APHA Play Social Scavenger Hunt

We want to see APHA 2021 through your eyes. Share your experiences at the Annual Meeting on Twitter and meet new attendees and exhibitors along the way! 

Complete as many of the tasks as possible to win prizes. Each completed task is one entry in the raffle for prizes. This year's prizes include a gift basket from Visit Denver, Amazon gift cards, I love public health stuffed bears, and more! Attendees who complete the entire scavenger hunt (25 tasks) will be entered to win the grand prize, a one-year membership to APHA and free registration for APHA 2022 in Boston. Winners will be announced daily and will receive an email and direct message on Twitter. Prizes will be mailed or emailed.


  1. Make your Twitter account public.
  2. Follow @APHAAnnualMtg on Twitter.
  3. Complete each part of a task (tag and include links and images when requested).
  4. Include two hashtags – #APHAplay and #APHA2021 – in each Tweet.
  5. Have fun and be creative!

Important: Please do not post any photos of other individuals without obtaining permission first. All images and posts submitted to the contest are property of APHA and can be used in future promotional materials.
Tips: Comment and share! Search #APHAplay and #APHA2021 to see what the other attendees are up to, expand your social network, and make new friends.

PRE-CONFERENCE | Monday, Oct. 18 through Saturday, Oct. 23

  1. Poster Days: Attend a poster presentation on 10/21 or 10/22. Tweet a screenshot of the presentation and include the link so others can find it.
  2. Are you ready: Tweet a photo of your adventure as you travel to Denver. If you’re attending virtually, show us your at-home or in-office setting. If you have a furry conference colleague, introduce them!
  3. Pre-Conference: Document the extra activities you’re enjoying before the conference even begins! Link to your favorite session or event.
  4. Be Social: Get familiar with the platform. Message attendees, write on the social wall, enter a chat room, then tweet your photo from the virtual photo booth.
  5. Break a sweat: Get in some steps via the APHA 2021 virtual 5K. Tweet a photo of your profile or progress and encourage others to join.

DAY 1 | SUNDAY | Oct. 24

  1. The Bigger Picture: Capture a wide view photo of the scene at APHA 2021. It could be the crowds walking through the halls, the APHA Jamz Concert at the Dazzle Club, the big Blue Bear, or maybe the convention center itself – get creative! If you’re virtual, share a screenshot of your virtual experience.
  2. Share Your Flair: Tweet a picture of your conference badge or profile on the Meeting Platform. Paper badges count too!
  3. It’s All Fun and Games: Tweet a picture or screenshot with someone you met in one of the Attendee Lounges or networking events. Hint: Check out the Networking and Engagement schedule. 
  4. Questions from the Audience: Tweet a lesson learned from the pandemic. Cool Points: If you’re attending in Denver, join your peers for a reception and live podcast with America Dissected on Sunday, Oct. 24, beginning at 5:45. 
  5. Let’s Go to the Movies: Watch a short or feature film from the Public Health Film Festival. Share a link to a film that you loved in your tweet.


  1. Take a Mid-Day Break: Participate in a wellness activity and document your experience. Share what you learned or enjoyed the most in your tweet.
  2. Work It: Snap a photo or screenshot of one of the sessions you’re attending. We encourage selfies, video recaps of something you’ve learned, and masked group photos or virtual group shots! Include a link to the session in your tweet.
  3. Fan Favorite: Take a picture or screenshot with the person you’ve been most excited to meet, see, or hear from at APHA 2021! Tag them in your tweet. 
  4. Social Media Savvy: Attend a Social Media Lab presentation or meet one-on-one with an expert. Share a new idea or something you learned in your tweet.
  5. Talk It Up: Help promote a session or presentation. Tweet the title and link. Cool Points: Ask the presenter if you can take a photo or screenshot of them to include in your tweet. 


  1. Sponsor Love: Tweet a thank you note to one of the APHA 2021 sponsors. They amplify our meeting each year! Include a link to their virtual booth or website.
  2. Healthy Breakfast Goals: You need energy! Tweet a photo of your champion breakfast that will get you through the morning.
  3. So Much Swag: Tweet a pic of the new APHA swag you’re gathering. Hint: Stop by APHA Press for the best merchandise.
  4. F4F: Take a pic or screenshot with a fellow tweeter at the Sunset Tweetup, follow them, and tag them.
  5. Squad Goals: Tweet a group pic and tell us the best part of your day.


  1. But First, Coffee: Tweet a photo of your go-to morning beverage that’s keeping you awake this morning after last night’s festivities.
  2. The Influencers: Take a picture or screenshot with/of the person who has been the most influential in your time here at APHA 2021. Tag them in your tweet.
  3. Winding Down: Capture the Closing General Session! This session is the kickoff to APHA’s 150th Anniversary. Get creative: tweet a photo, quote, or video!
  4. Goal Getters: Tweet a goal you’ve set for yourself.
  5. Wish APHA a Happy Birthday: APHA is turning 150! Wish us a happy birthday on Twitter. Sing us the birthday song, tell us how we’ve influenced or inspired you, share a memory, or send us a birthday message (teardrop). Include #APHA150 in your tweet.

(The prizes have already been given out, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!)

  1. Homeward Bound: Tweet a photo of how you’re getting home. Plane? Train? Automobile?
  2. Take the Survey: We want your feedback. Share your thoughts on the meeting and help us make APHA 2022 in Boston more successful.
  3. Nailed It: Once you accomplish the goal you set at the conference, SHARE the heck out of it! You’ve worked hard, and your APHA tribe wants to hear about the great things you’re doing!