COWR Meeting Minutes




Present: Padmini (Mini) Murthy (Chair), Constance Jackson (Program Planner), Marjorie Sable, Elizabeth Barajas Roman, Nate Boucher, Valarie Conrad, Karlene Baddy (APHA liaison)

This meeting was called to determine the COWR sessions that were submitted by committee members at this point.  After much discussion it was agreed that some sessions which did not attract any presenters should be deleted.  These are: Oral session #40776 “Healthography: Advocacy and Action Impacting Women and LGBTQ Communities” Oral session #41643 “Eating disorders: implications for all women.”  That leaves COWR with four oral sessions and one poster session.

Karlene suggested that since COWR was allotted six sessions by Conventions, committee members should try to re-work two additional sessions for input.  There is additional time to accomplish this.

Karlene advised the members the importance of balancing the sessions to include a variety of issues concerning all women.  She also reminded the members of the important role of the moderators for the easy flow of the sessions.  She also suggested that moderators should have a conference with the presenters of their session to ensure the ease and flow of the session.

All committee members were in agreement with the above. Nate has agreed to moderate a session.

Meeting adjourned.