Key ACA Resources

The Affordable Care Act has helped improve the lives and health of people across the country. Read 10 of their stories here.

APHA fact sheet: What does the Hobby Lobby decision mean? (PDF)

Presentation slides: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on State and Local Public Health Systems (April 2013): PowerPoint slides on "ACA 101" and questions for public health to consider as health reform is implemented

APHA fact sheet: Affordable Care Act Overview: Selected Provisions (PDF): a clear, concise chart summarizing and explaining the structure and major provisions of the health reform law

APHA fact sheet: Why Do We Need the Affordable Care Act? (PDF): a one-page graphic summarizing the critical U.S. health system problems the ACA is intended to address

APHA fact sheet: The Prevention and Public Health Fund (PDF)

APHA Chart: Agenda for Health Reform and Relevant Provisions in PPACA (PDF): Summary of ACA prevention provisions

APHA Chart: Major ACA Delivery and Payment Reforms (PDF): a table that summarizes the health care payment and delivery reforms of the ACA

APHA Issue Brief: The Prevention and Public Health Fund (PDF): an issue brief that describes the need for dedicated public health funding and the Prevention and Public Health Fund's goals 

APHA Issue Brief: Prevention Provisions in the Affordable Care Act (PDF): an issue brief that provides details on the ACA's major prevention initiatives

APHA Issue Brief: The Affordable Care Act's Public Health Workforce Provisions (PDF): this issue brief describes the current challenges facing the public health work force and how the ACA addresses them.

Text of the law: Summaries of the 10 sections of PPACA

Kaiser Family Foundation: Summary of the New Health Reform Law (PDF, updated April 2013), The Uninsured: A Primer (updated October 2013) and The Uninsured and the Difference Health Insurance Makes (September 2012)

Commonwealth Fund: 'Find Health Reform Provisions' too (interactive)

Health Reform GPS: Reform Overview (one Web page), Implementation Briefs (a set of pages on various topics) or glossary

National Conference of State Legislatures: Affordable Care Act and Minority Health (webinar, July 2013)

Urban Institute: FAQ How does the health care law affect me? 

Department of Health and Human Services: The ACA's impact on different populations (fact sheets, updated September 2013) and Health Care Infographics

Families USA: Health Equity (quick facts, toolkit and more)

APHA resources

APHA Health Reform Updates (e-newsletters)

Useful links on Medicaid Expansion
Useful links about Health Insurance Exchanges
Useful Links about the Minimum Coverage Provision