Presenter Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions specifically for presenters. For General Information, view our Public FAQ page.

Speaker's Corner
Your Speaker's Corner is the first place you should look to find details related to your abstract and presentation. A link to your Speaker's Corner was included in your acceptance email. You can also login using your email and abstract ID. You can retrieve your abstract ID through the login screen.

The following can be done in the Speaker's Corner

  • Find copies of letters/emails sent to presenters.
  • Withdraw your presentation (Deadline is Aug. 15).
  • Add, delete or update authors and presenters.
  • Add or select a new presenter.
  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation. Detailed instructions for uploading (Deadline Nov. 14)
  • Upload Handouts.

Basic Information

Q: When and how will I be notified of acceptance?
A: Emails with abstract status were mailed on June 3.

Q: How can I view my session and abstract?
A: Sessions can be viewed in the Online Program. Authors may search by last name, abstract number or session number.

Q: How do I make corrections to my abstract?
A: You cannot change your abstract content once the submission deadline has passed. However, minor corrections (i.e. spelling errors, etc.) can be made by APHA staff. Email us to make a correction.

Q: Can someone substitute as my presenter?
A: Yes. Changes to the presenting author must be made in the Speaker's Corner. The new presenter must register for the meeting.

Be sure to let the moderator know about the change if the change was made less than a month before the meeting.

Q: How do I contact the program planner for my session?
A: Program Planner Contact Information.

Q: Whom can I contact for Technical Assistance for the Online Abstract System?
A:  Email or call Andrey Gurvich, 401-334-0220, extension 216.

Q: Does APHA offer a printing service for poster presentations?
A: Yes. Information on APHA's poster printing services will be available in the
Poster Session Guidelines

Q: Do I have to register and become a member in order to present at APHA?
A: Yes. All presenters must be individual members of APHA and registered by the advance registration deadline. Register today!

Q: Can I register for one day only?
A: Yes. Session organizers, moderators and presenters may register for the day of their presentation. From the online member registration page, select the box that indicates you are a presenter. You will need to provide your abstract ID number. One-day registration will show up as a registration option if the box is checked and the ID included.