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2017 is the Year of Climate Change and Health

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The science is clear: climate change is a serious threat to human health. Science is not a opinion. It is evidence.

Climate change can harm the water supply, increase vector-borne disease and increase extreme weather events. Vulnerable populations such as communities of color, the elderly, young children, the poor and those with chronic illnesses bear the greatest burden of injury, disease and death related to climate change. As an APHA priority, we believe in the need for strong climate change strategies and interventions that protect people's health. The public health community plays a critical role.

Tell your members of Congress to oppose any efforts to delay or block the Clean Power Plan, which would reduce carbon pollution that contributes to climate change. And read "The Remarkable Inconsistency of Climate Denial."

Follow the conversation online using the hashtag #ClimateChangesHealth

And watch this short video from the 2016 APHA Annual Meeting that explores the urgency for action on climate change (among the challenges, "Too many people aren't aware that climate change is really a threat to our health, our communities and our future..."):

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APHA applauds the Clean Power Plan, a bold strategy against climate change introduced by the White House and EPA that is projected to reduce carbon pollution from power plants by 32 percent by 2030 and protect the health of our nation for generations to come.


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